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DIY Golden Nipple Casting Kit

Make your very own Golden Nipple Casts! (and turn them into magnets)


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Product Description

Included in the kit:
Colour Change Chromatic Moulding Alginate*
Extra Hard Stone Casting Plaster*
Plaster bandages
4x Latex free nitrile gloves
Wooden finishing tool
Wooden mixer
Sand paper
1x Paintbrush
1x Pot of sealing mix
1x Pot of iridescent acrylic bronze paint
2x Heavy duty ceramic magnets
1x postcard with link to detailed step by step instructions

*(enough to make 4x nipple casts, so you can do a practice or make more)

What you’ll need:
A small amount or vaseline or oil (baby, coconut or grapeseed oil recommended)
1x cup or beaker (for mixing alginate)
1x Medium mixing bowl (for mixing plaster)
1x Thermometer (recommended but not essential)
A plastic floor sheet or an area with flooring you can mop/wipe clean

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