How much does it cost?

Body casts start at £55, you can see the full price list on the booking page here

Can I buy an Every Body’s Story voucher?

Yes! DM me on Instagram or get in touch here if you’d like to buy a voucher for a friend, sister, mother, daughter or partner.

Is the process anonymous?

Yes, this process is completely anonymous. I will only share photos of your cast with your permission and all casting is anonymous.


What are your Covid precautions?

I am double vaccinated and take a lateral flow test before each session. It is important to me that you are comfortable in the space, it is up to you whether we wear masks during the session.

Will I need to test before coming?

Yes please, I will ask for you to do a lateral flow test before coming to the studio and I will do the same.


How do I get an appointment with you?

You can book your session through the booking page here.

Where is your studio?

My studio is in Bristol, a short walk from Lawrence Hill train station. 

Do you ever travel to do castings?

If you are unable to travel to my studio and would like for me to come to you, please get in touch here and I will do my best! 

Can I bring a friend or partner?

Absolutely! Just let me know in advance.


What happens during the appointment?

You will apply oil to your torso before lying on the treatment bed. I will apply plaster bandage soaked in warm water to your skin in layers. Once the cast has set I will lift it off and you will see your body cast in plaster.

How long does it take?

The casting itself takes around 20 minutes and a further 10-15 to set. Allow 1 hour for your torso cast. For bust casts the process is slightly shorter – the whole session will last about 40 minutes.

Do I need to remove body hair or piercings for the casting?

You don’t need to remove body hair or piercings for the casting. We will apply oil to hair and vaseline to piercings which means the plaster will lift easily from your skin. 

What should I bring?

Please wear a comfortable pair of shorts, leggings or underwear that you don’t mind getting plaster on. If you would prefer to use your own, you can bring your own body oil to apply before the casting, and wipes for removing excess plaster after the process.

How long will it take for me to receive my finished cast?

You will be able to collect your finished cast a week after the casting session.

What if I can’t collect my cast from your studio?

If you’re unable to collect your cast from my studio I can post it to you for £10-15.

I have another question, how do I get in touch?

Any questions, get in touch here.