2023 shows: 15/09 – 23/09 at Centrespace Gallery Bristol & 29/09 – 03/10 at Bloc Projects Sheffield

CENSORED Exhibition

CENSORED project is an exhibition of golden Jesmonite nipple casts of women and non-binary people. A powerful installation challenging censorship and celebrating nipple diversity.

Photo of Every Bodys Story display 2 - Body casting by Ellen Downes

2023 Exhibition: 15-20 September at Centrespace Gallery, Bristol

CENSORED Exhibition


During the summer of 2023 150 women and non-binary people had moulds of their nipples made. These moulds were then cast in Jesmonite and painted gold.

The first “CENSORED” exhibition last year showcased a collection of 300 golden nipple casts created by body casting artist Ellen Downes, founder of Every Body’s Story. The golden nipples lined the walls of Centrespace Gallery Bristol 15th – 20th September 2023. Ellen was then invited to exhibit the installation at Bloc Projects Sheffield 29th September – 3rd October.

The CENSORED project received notable press features in The Bristol Cable, Bristol 247 and BBC News. BBC Radio Bristol featured the project and hosted live interviews with participants and the lead artist Ellen on 4 different shows. Ngaio Anyia interviewed Ellen on Soho Radio about the project and BBC Points West filmed a video feature at the Bristol exhibition.

Exhibition Themes
This exhibit explores topics of social media censorship, public breastfeeding, diversity representation and sexual harassment.

Exhibition Book
A ‘CENSORED’ exhibition book featuring photographs of the casts and the experiences of the 150 participants of the 2023 project was published and sold at the exhibition and online. The book’s first edition sold out and will be republished for the 2024 exhibition, dates TBC.

Interactive Installation
In the CENSORED exhibition gallery space there was an interactive installation. There were 3 questions, on the topics of breastfeeding in public, sunbathing topless and sexual harassment, that exhibition visitors were invited to answer. 290 visitors added their responses to the walls.

Participants reflecting on being part of the 2023 CENSORED project: 

“Being part of this exhibition was such a positive experience. I was able to show the world what my post mastectomy body looked like and hopefully showed others going through this that we are not scarred by the experience only changed. ” Mandy Moreaux

“Having breastfed my child for two years it’s amazing how much shame is associated with it. From the closet people in your life- to absolute strangers who shout at you to cover up. It feels twisted that we can sexualise females bodies so much but refuse to celebrate mothers feeding babies publicly. This project has helped me to speak about my experiences and honour my amazing nipples without shame!” Anonymous

“Not only is it a pleasure to be cast by Ellen and have meaningful conversations throughout the experience.. But also being a part of a project that is sparking important conversations makes me proud, especially when I can represent the breast cancer community.” Eli Maddock

“The act of having my nipples cast then having them displayed alongside 298 other pairs felt really empowering and accepting of my body!” Alisa Fineron

Ellen Downes

Body Casting Artist