15-20 September 2023 at Centrespace Gallery

CENSORED Exhibition

CENSORED project is an exhibition of 300 golden Jesmonite nipple casts of women and non-binary people. A powerful installation challenging censorship and celebrating nipple diversity.

Photo of Every Bodys Story display 2 - Body casting by Ellen Downes

2023 Exhibition, 15-20 September at Centrespace Gallery, Bristol

CENSORED Exhibition


150 women and non-binary people have had moulds of their nipples made, to then be cast in Jesmonite and painted gold by body casting artist Ellen Downes. 

“CENSORED” showcases a collection of 300 golden nipple casts created by Ellen Downes, founder of Every Body’s Story. The nipple casts will lined the walls of Centrespace Gallery Bristol 15th – 20th September 2023 and Bloc Projects Sheffield 29th September – 3rd October.

This exhibit explores topics of social media censorship, public breastfeeding, diversity representation and sexual harassment.

A ‘CENSORED’ exhibition featuring photographs of the casts and the experiences of the 150 participants.book is now on sale. Buy the book here.

“This project is to challenge unwanted sexualisation and censorship of our nipples. I want it to spark conversations. I want this work to be part of change, towards a future where exposing our nipples isn’t connected to feeling ashamed or unsafe,” she says. “Every Body’s Story is a platform to raise the voices of marginalised genders and create a space for sharing the stories that we are so often forced to carry in silence.”

Ellen Downes

Body Casting Artist