Morning Embodiment Yoga with Sally Balfourth 28.08.21

This event is part of the Every Body’s Story exhibition and festival of events.

By Ellen Downes
Thur 05 August 2021

Join Sally for a very special morning embodiment yoga class in the Every Body’s Story exhibition space at Centrespace Gallery in the heart of Bristol.

You will be surrounded by 30 golden torso casts by women’s body casting artist Ellen Downes. In this space we will celebrate the diversity and beauty of women’s bodies and explore how we can connect to our bodies through movement.

Saturday 28th August 2021, 8:30-9:30AM
Centrespace Gallery, Bristol

About the class:

Embodiment practices to get to know your body you’re in, as it is. Come along to connect to the space within, move with curiosity and celebrate your body-from the inside out.


About Sally:

“I support people to feel into their own investigations with their bodies through movement, breath and play.

My personal practice, work and life is animated by creativity. It empowers me to continuously grow and discover. I hold many sources of inspiration and this diversity of influences weaves its way through my approach to facilitation.”

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Saturday 28th August 2021, 8:30-9:30am
Centrespace Gallery, Bristol

Concessions: £13
General admission: £15

This event is part of the Every Body’s Story Exhibition and Festival of Events.

Join Every Body’s Story at Centrespace Gallery in the heart of Bristol to see this powerful collection of golden casts and stories of women.

Where: Centrespace Gallery, 6 Leonard Lane, Bristol, BS1 1EA

Opening Night: 26.08 7.30pm

Exhibition opening times: 27.08-01.09 10am-5pm

Exhibition entry: FREE